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1000 PA - Syrelec 1000 PA Counter Module. Up Down Counter Chronometer |...

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1000 PA
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1000 PA
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Syrelec 1000 PA Counter Module. Up Down Counter Chronometer | 115/230VAC | 1500 hours memory by built in battery Simple Type: Counter/Timer Module

The Syrelec 1000 PA Series can be programmed to function as a count or time control. The count control is available with one or two presets. Model 1000PA1 is a single level control providing a relay and transistor output at the end of a cycle. The 1000PA2 is a dual preset control which provides a prewam output and an end of cycle output. Both predetermined points have a relay and transistor output rated at 1 Amp 250V resistive and 40ma at 30V respectively.

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  • 1 or 2 Presets(1000 PA1 or 1000PA2)
  • Crystal Time Base
  • Dual Voltage
  • Liquid Crystal Display-6 Digits-8mm High
  • Screw Terminal Connection
  • SMT Technology and CMOS Monochip Microprocessor




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